Sneak Peek of “Not Your Average Sonnet”

On the first of February, I will be releasing the full-length volume of Not Your Average Sonnet. Here’s a little sneak peek into the wonders of this satirical exploration of humanity. If you would like to receive a signed copy of the book, please visit my Patreon page and select “become a patron.” From there, select the $10 option and fill out your shipping information, and I will send you a signed copy upon its release!


Side Effects


The television warns of sleepless nights

depression, everlasting boners, rash

and swelling, extreme loss of appetite

new or worsening symptoms, hot flashes

and cold manifestations         but not once

a caution for the suicidal thoughts

I have after my third or fourth donut.

And what about all those times I got lost

in my own garage? Why did that happen?

Where’s the good looking white man with increased

libido to tell me how to cement

my moral compass and wandering head?


I guess I could just talk to my doctor

or better yet         have her place an order.


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