Teaser Poem: One-Ply

Here’s another teaser into my book, Not Your Average Sonnet. If you would like a signed copy of the book, all you have to do is visit my Patreon page and click the “become a patron” button. Simply choose the $10/month option and I will send you a signed copy of the book. If you can’t afford the monthly patronage, you can cancel after one month and still receive a signed copy of the book, no problem. If you continue to pledge your support, you’ll receive access to new content and announcements each month as well as the option to receive feedback on some of your own work. My goal as a writer is to write what is honest and challenging, free from the constraints of limiting outside influences such as advertising. The best way for me to do this is to receive support directly from you to me, so every dollar counts, and it all goes back into the work I’m creating. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy the book!




Oh bathroom, oh restroom of dark deceit

white walls      hands free    the great shitting man’s dream

clean sink       pristine seat      the lemon pledge reeks

I pop my squat       all is well it would seem.


I’d like to think I’ve been a nice guy

but you must think otherwise, for you

gave me a one-time supply of one-ply

‘nough to wipe the ass of a butterfly.


They say you can’t fold a piece of paper

(eight by eleven) no more than seven

but shit, I could fold one-ply forever

still not enough, and the stack reached heaven.


And to think you only gave me one piece

as if that was enough to clean my crease.


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