3 Days Until Release

Only three days until Not Your Average Sonnet is available on Amazon! It’s been so much fun writing and working on this book, so getting this close to the release date is really exciting. This poem is called “Text Message,” and it’s one of the first sonnets I wrote. Many writers have been touching on the subject of phones and technology lately, but I wanted to do it in a new way and really capture the experience of texting, specifically. Texting really is a language of its own. Often times, I have no idea what my friends are trying to say when I receive one of their text messages. I do know, however, that when a difficult conversation arises through text message, there is always the option of simply not addressing it. I always think about how funny it would be if people did this face to face, simply walking away mid-conversation when they don’t want to answer a question. Anyways, this poem attempts to capture the often confusing change in language through the texting medium.

Text Message


A buzz     a ding    replace the ring of past

encounters       words lost     beyond their vocal

companions   wander like flags without masts

into the sea of rapt, emotional

beings      attempting to decipher what

the hell is going on. Sometimes it’s no

trouble      others struggle with those fat

fingered responders     their replies long         slow

and jumbled     like playing games of back

words scrabble. Most are more proficient   with

a scrupulous, innate knack for exact

grammatical precision             cybersmiths

unrivaled in confusing expression

and fleeing difficult conversation.



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