Twitter Files for Bankruptcy After Banning Angry People — The Mad Satirist

Twitter, once worth $40 billion, is now filing for bankruptcy, CEO Jack Dorsey has announced. The move comes just months after the company instituted a no tolerance policy on anger, banning any user who “exhibits or contributes to anger or vitriol.” 199 more words

via Twitter Files for Bankruptcy After Banning Angry People — The Mad Satirist


      1. I was able to follow you on the “search” page, but still don’t see a follow button on your site.

        I guess you should try one of the widgets to get that follow button. I am not much of an expert and WP makes it too difficult ☹️

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      2. Yeah, thanks for the info! I set up an email subscription widget, it says the follow button should appear automatically in the top right, but that may only be for web browsing and not mobile.


      3. Ugh, I am now on the laptop and I still don’t see a follow button.
        I hope it’s just a fail on my laptop! Maybe you should ask some others if they see it.


      4. I guess it still should show.
        I found you by typing your name in search, but I am not sure if everyone knows about the possibility.
        I think you can loose potential followers with something annoying like this.
        Not sure if you care about followers,? 😅 (I do 😉)


      5. Finally someone who admits it. I thought I was alone in that.

        No problem. I am angry at how WP doesn’t give you the notification automatically, so I fix for them as much as I cam 😉


      6. Why is it so hard for people to tell the truth.
        It’s not like you’re commiting a crime for feeling this way!
        Or are those people just waiting for people like you and me to say it out loud so that they don’t have to? 😉


      7. Oh god there isn’t enough time in the world to talk about why people can’t tell the truth lol. I think in regards to this situation they want it to seem like they’re not interested in advancing or promoting their blog because their devoid of self-interest or something.


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