Hi. My name is Jason Brendel, and I’m completely and utterly insane. I perform stand-up comedy and write poetry (among other things), and I’m so insane that I actually think it’s going to work out for me.

In 2019, I wrote and published a collection of satire poetry on Amazon, thinking people would actually buy it. Some people actually bought it, but trying to sell poetry to every-day working people is like trying to sell Christmas to a Jehovah’s Witness.

All kidding aside, writing a full-length collection of jokes in the sonnet form was a transcendent experience for me. I really could care less if I had never sold a single copy, because it was the process that brought me a deep sense of joy and meaning that nobody can ever take away from me. Exercising my creative mind every day, challenging myself, and slowly working towards a larger goal helped me find deep satisfaction not only with my writing, but with myself and life in general.

This is why I know it will work out for me. Not in the financial sense. I mean that would be great… Ideal even, but in the personal sense. As long as I’m challenging myself creatively, the puzzle pieces of life seem to move effortlesssly into the right spaces.

Writing jokes in iambic pentameter and specific rhyme schemes also made writing jokes in free form a much simpler task in comparison, and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to start taking that to the stage.

You can watch some of my stand up on YouTube, and explore my writing via the tabs on this page, which ranges from informal words dumps to polished works, which is another way of me saying that some of it blows ass and some of it is actually pretty good. Sometimes I think something blows the dick off a donkey, though, and other people will find it to be one of their favorite things out of all the things. Other times, I’m certain something is brilliant and it turns out that everyone thinks I’d be better off taking myself out with the trash.

So, if you really enjoy something, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or at least a like. Something that lets me know how you felt about it. If you thought something was the seed in a seedless grape, feel free to let me know as well. Just don’t be a dick. I love to know where I can improve, so if you’d like to send me a message or leave a comment saying “hey I liked this but I think you could do this instead,” I’d be grateful for the feedback.

It’s tempting to be a dick. Trust me, I fight the temptation all the time. But, it’s also really easy, and taking the easy way out is a surefire way for the puzzle pieces of life to fall into the cracks of the table, frustrating you for the rest of eternity as that same frustration oozes out onto the people around you and your dicky disposition slowly finds its way into one body after another like a virus, turning the world into one giant dick. And well… nobody likes dick THAT much.